MUNDI - Multi-User Networked Dungeon Interaction

3rd May 2001

It's back ...

handbag$ date
Mon Apr 20 15:56:18 BST 2001
handbag$ mundi

Made connection with daemon ...
Welcome to MUNDI, version (6.3)
Enter persona name: mirk
That account already exists.
Enter password: ********
Password is OK.
(Couldn't open /home/staff/mike/src/mundi/lib/mundi)
(No initialisation file)

This is game number 87 for this persona.
Last game was on Thu Nov 22 22:16:56 1990
That was 3811 days, 16 hours, 34 minutes, 25 seconds ago.
You feel invogriated.

[PLAY]<0> _
(That's just over ten years. And yes, it really does say ``invogriated'')

MUNDI was the first true multi-user adventure game I ever wrote, and perhaps the first one ever to run over the internet - history is inconclusive on this point. Now, after more than a decade in cold storage, its body is exhumed, and life breathed back into it!

Here's what I have on MUNDI:

Why would anyone except me care about this? Mostly, I think it'll just be people who were at Warwick University during MUNDI's heyday, wanting to relive the part of their life when they could sleep 'til ten every morning. Game historians may also be interested.

If you like this kind of late-eighties retro-computing, you should check out Marke ``The Chief Slime Monster'' Fincher's bizarre arcade games Chicken Vomit and Fishmonger. If you're interested to know what I'm working on now, then my current MUD project, Herring, is starting to show signs of life.

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