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9th August 2010


Here are the notes for the sermons I've preached at our various churches.

North Central

The Gospel Centre

Forest of Dean Community Church

Sermons from midweek meetings

Other Talks

I have on-line notes and overviews of several other talks I've written and given over the last few years in various contexts. Most of these pre-date North Central.

Sue Noakes's Healing

I'm hosting the truly extraordinary story of Sue Noakes's healing. A lot of people are skeptical about healing, and reasonbly enough want to see a really clear, well-documented case. Well, this is a spectactular case history, and it happened recently (Decemeber 2000) in Crawley, East Sussex (you can't get a much more mundane location than that!) Sue is Fiona's accountant's wife, and a good friend of Fiona's mother; so while she's not exactly a personal friend of mine, she is close enough to me that I can vouch for the authenticity of this story. Sue's in the process of gathering formal documentation of the healing from doctors and other authorities.

Note that I did not write this text; it is Sue's story told in her own words. I have resisted the tempatation to clean up the prose, because I think it's important that what people read is exactly what she wrote. Crawley Community Church's site has a little bit of detail on Sue's background for those who are interested.
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