MUNDI - Download

29th May 2001

Here is a gzipped tar archive of the

This source code is available under the terms of GNU General Public Licence, which means that it is Free Software (or Open Source, if you prefer).

The source is preserved, so far as possible, as it was back in 1990. That means that I've left (for example) the original README file and the VISITORS book as they were in '90, and I've left some irrelevant files lying around in the src directory. I've resisted the tempatation to fix the numerous bugs, data-structure inconsistencies, scoping foul-ups, architecture-dependent binary formats and other idiocies because this distribution is supposed to be historical document.

However, I've had to make a few changes to get this old SunOS-4.0.1 code to build and run successfully on more modern machines (specifically, SPARC Solaris 2.6 and i386 Linux 2.2). Each such change is marked in the source-code by a comment containing the string ``2001'', so you can grep for that if you want to see what's been done.

If unpacking and building bug-ridden eleven-year-old source code isn't your cup of tea (what? Why not?!) then you can download pre-built binaries for selected architectures, which will connect to the running MUNDI daemon on my web-server:

And indeed you can download pre-built daemon binaries if you want (although you will also need the initialisation files from the source distribution if you want to run them):

Feedback to <> is welcome!