Herring - A Homogenous Extensible Recursive Realtime Interactive Network Game

13th June 2001

It's here ...

basingstoke$ date
Wed Jun 13 10:59:29 BST 2001
basingstoke$ telnet blunder 12368
Connected to blunder.tecc.co.uk.
Escape character is '^]'.
Welcome to Herring, version 0.01
Persona: mirk
Password: *******

You are on a twisting North/South path in a forest.
The only obvious exit leads South.

--> s
You find yourself in a sunlit glade deep within a forest.  The grass
feels healthy and springy beneath your feet, and smells fresh and
alive.  You can hear birds singing in the trees, and the silvery
babbling of a nearby brook.  You can see an old stone well to the
East of here.
Obvious exits lead: East, North, South.
You can also see:
    A fluffy white rabbit
    A large wooden packing crate, in which is:
        A small wooden box, in which is:
            An elaborately illuminated leaflet

--> _
(Not much more than eleven years after I started writing it.)

Herring is ... ###

If you'd like to see something more complete (but much, much more primitive), then you should check out the MUD that I wrote in 1988, MUNDI.

Feedback to <mike@miketaylor.org.uk> is welcome!