Adventure Games

3rd April 2001

My first programming love was adventure games, and they're maybe still the area that excites me the most. For anyone who doesn't know what I mean by the term ``adventure games'', I'm talking about text-only problem-solving games, where you move a charcter through an imaginary world with commands like GO NORTH, GET KEY and UNLOCK DOOR.

I cut my teeth on the primitive but atmospheric Scott Adams games running on a TRS-80; much later I got to play excruciatingly slow Commodore 64 implementations of the classic Infocom games including the legendary Zork trilogy. (If you don't remember this far back, Commodore's absurdly large 1541-series 51/4-inch floppy drive was connected to the computer by a serial lead - yes, really - which didn't help the performance.)

Entranced by the original Scott Adams Adventureland (``You're in a forest. You can also see: trees''), I wanted to write my own adventures from the moment I knew the fundamentals of BASIC programming. In the quarter-century since that fatal first encounter, I've written part or all of twenty-five adventure games.

This area of my web site is dedicated to those games. Yes, this is an insanely egotistical, navel-gazing exercise, and no, I don't imagine it will be interesting to many people apart from me. That said, I'm sure there are other people who, like me, enjoy wallowing in the nostalgia of 1980s ``classic gaming''.

Here's what I've got, sort of in chronological order:

More to come ...

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