4th May 2017

Nosferatu, cover of VIC-20 tape Nosferatu, inlay of VIC-20 tape

Nosferatu is an adventure game for the VIC-20 that I wrote in 1982 or thereabouts, heavily based on an unnamed and unpublished game that I'd written together with Myles Kelvin the previous year. That makes it a quarter-century old. Huh. That's weird. Here, I have gathered everything of it that I've been able to recover. I have:

Nosferatu was my follow-up to Magic Mirror, and like its predecessor was published by Terminal Software. The game took its title from a Blue Oyster Cult song I was fond of (and actually I still love it, and urge you get a copy if you can. It's on the Spectres album.) To my eternal shame, Nosferatu lacked Magic Mirror's save game facility. I don't know what I was thinking, and I can't imagine how Terminal let me get away with it.

This game took a lot of its puzzles from the unnamed Dracula adventure that I co-wrote with Myles Kelvin, and we went together to a conference in Manchester organised by Terminal Software. That made us feel very grown up at the age of fourteen or fifteen! Ah, the thrill of being allowed to drink beer!

Some trivia about the game:

If all of this leaves you with the impression that I don't think much of the game, I suppose that's true. But I still regard it with affection because, well, I was fourteen. Cut me some slack.

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