9th July 1998

This is me, looking like the rough, tough, manly rugby-playing type that I am. The camera never lies, right?

What a good-looking bloke.  That's what my wife says, anyway

And this is a close-up of my face, in which the camera has to be lying. My nose isn't really that big, is it? And so far off to the right? And hey, it looks like my forehead is narrower than my cheeks! Oh dear.

I'm better looking than this in real life, honest

Good job this site doesn't contain the ultra-close-up I took of my left eye, which shows up some embarassing little pock-marks on the end of my nose that I'd never noticed before I borrowed Chris West's stupid digital camera. How did they get there? Has Fiona been surreptitiously stabbing my nose at night while I sleep? Am I infested by invisible nose-nibbling parasites? There are no good answers to these questions, are there?

Anyway, here's where I used to work - System Simulation Ltd. (I've since moved to Seatbooker UK Ltd., but I don't have a photo of the office ... As if anyone cares ...) (And since then, I've started working at home for Index Data.)

The offices of System Simulation Ltd. -- the Mighty Company(tm)

That's Gavin the foreground facing away from me, with Steve, Sacha, Gurvinder and Nich arrayed from left to right further back. By the way, if you're in the market for absolutely fabulous bespoke multimedia database systems at very competitive prices, then you could do a lot worse than visit the System Simulation web site.

There are some much nicer pictures of me with Fiona and Danny on the family photos page. And some much nicer pictures that don't have me in them spoling them at all on Fiona's page and Danny's page.

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