Family Photos

13th July 1998

Here are two nice pictures of Fiona with Danny. Have you noticed that Fiona seems incapable of having her photo taken without tipping her head over sideways? It's true -- check out the pictures on her own page if you don't believe me.

A mother and child reunion It's only a motion away

This next one Fiona took with her first ever attempt at using a digital camera. Not really knowing what she was doing, by happy chance she pressed the button just as Danny chose to leap up more or less out of my grasp, grin and stick his tongue out all at once. If she'd been a fraction of a second later, I'd be looking worried as I try to juggle the rapidly plummeting fruit of my loins.

Manic Dan and his proud father

This next one is my favourite of the lot. Again, it's just the result of playing with the camera and getting lucky: I pointed it at all three of us, and Danny happened to time an uncoordinated lunge into the air at the very moment that I pushed the putton. By the way, whatever you may think, I am not about to take a bite out of the top of his head.

Happy Families

Fiona and I have been married for nearly five years as I write -- an excellent choice for both of us! As a quick and dirty way to get a wedding photo onto this page, I took a digital-camera photo of one of the framed official prints, which seemed to come out pretty well:

The Happy Couple, 28th August 1993

Finally, let's make one last attempt at getting a photo of Fiona without her head listing to Port or Starboard:

Beautiful baby, beautiful mother

Ah, that's better -- knew it had to be possible!

There are some more photos of Fiona, Danny and me on our respective pages.

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