Spirit of SSL

16th July 2008

Well, here we are a full decade since the first volume of what's turned out to be the enormously successful Spirit of SSL franchise. Since that first humble CD was put together, another six volumes have been produced, and it's been widely imitated.

From volume three onwards, I started reviewing the Spirit of SSL songs - initially just because I had strong feelings that I wanted to express, and increasingly because other people seem to enjoy reading the reviews. So here they are (along with my marks-out-of-ten for the first two volumes' tracks, just for the sake of completeness.)

Between volumes 4 and 5, I made a compilation CD of my own favourite songs, which I called Spirit of Mirk. (mirk was my user-name at SSL.). You can read my comments on the music and the less than wholeheartedly positive thoughts of comments of Alec Turner, for whom I originally put the compilation together.

Alec's also commented on:

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