Curriculum Vitae (Summary version) - Mike Taylor

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Personal Details

Mike Taylor, Male. Born 12th March 1968 and now aged 31. British. Currently residing at 6 Alma Grove, Bermondsey, London SE1 5PY. Tel. 0171 231 1034, Email, Web

Employment History

My only full-time job since university has been with System Simulation Ltd. ( We're a small independent software house of about fifteen people. We provide integrated database solutions, based on our proprietary information management system Index+.

My own responsibilities have covered the whole gamut of what we do, from design, implementation and maintenance of the central database software (B-tree indexes, structured storage etc.), through targeting that technology to specific applications. My work has included every phase in the delivery of complete running systems: analysis, design, programming, testing, debugging, documentation, presentation, training, maintenance, etc. I have also managed other staff through these tasks, and representated SSL on a variety of collaborative projects involving partners from across the EEC and occasionally elsewhere.

One of my SSL projects (PLATO) won a BCS gold medal in 1995; two other SSL projects on which I have worked have won awards in 1996 (ROCKnROM) and 1997 (the Index+ system itself.)


1986-1989 Warwick University. Studied Mathematics with Computer Science, graduating with a 2.ii. Founded and administrated a recreational computer society which grew to become to the second largest society on campus.
1979-1985 Bishop's Stortford Boys High School. Passed eleven 'O' levels (Maths, Additional Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Language, English Literature, French, German, Music and General Studies), four 'A' levels (Maths at grade A and Physics, Chemistry and Further Maths all at grade C) and grade 6 music theory and practice (playing clarinet).

Not-For-Profit (Spare Time) Projects

1998-1999 Zthes: a Z39.50 Profile for Thesaurus Navigation. I've led a small informal working group, communicating only by email, to evolve a specification for using the Z39.50 information retrieval protocol to navigate hierarchical thesauri as described in ISO 2788. This has progressed rapidly to the point where a profile document ( was presented to the March '99 ZIG meeting in Palo Alto, California.
1998- yaSQL. (Yet Another SQL). I have designed and implemented an engine-independent compiler for a significant subset of the SQL relational query language.
1995-1996 sm3. I designed and implemented sm3 (Sort Mail, 3rd re-write), a generic regexp-driven email redirector which interfaces with sendmail.
1994-1998 A device-independent HTML parser.
1988-1989 MUNDI. ``The first multi-user dungeon to run over the internet''.


Operating Systems
Unix (Solaris, OSF/1, SCO, Linux and more); MS-Windows (3.x, 95/98).
Programming Languages
C/C++; the numerous ``little languages'' of Unix such as sh, sed, awk and perl; Visual Basic; Vestiges of Pascal, Lisp and FORTRAN.
Network Protocols
Z39.50; HTTP (including HTML and XML, server configuration and CGI scripting, etc.); RFC-822/MIME; General TCP/IP programming at the BSD-sockets level.


Please ask me before contacting any of these referees.
Dr. George Mallen
Managing director of System Simulation Ltd. 250M Bedford Chambers, Covent Garden Piazza, London WC2E 8HA. Tel 0171-836 7406. Email
Ray Denenberg
Senior Network Engineer and director of the Z39.50 Maintenance Agency. Library of Congress, Washington DC. Email
Dave Nunn
Leader of my church. 66a Lower Road, Bermondsey, London. Tel. 0171-237 6063. Email