8th August 2002

<<<<><<>><<<>>><<<<>>>><<<<<>>>>><<<<<<>>>>>><<<<<>>>>><<<<>>>><<<>>><<>><>>> |
                                                 Z                      LLBBB |
                                               ZZZ                       L  B |
                                                 ZU                      L  B |
                                                  U%%     MMM            LBBB |
                                                UUUP%NN     M            L  A |
                                  CCC   X          P% N     M G  F   DDDAAAAA |
                               EEE  C   X         PP% N   MMMIGFFF##   D      |
                                 E  C   XSSSSS     P% N    J IG  F #  ED    C |
                                 ECCC0@ X    SRRRRRP  NJJJJJIIG    #  E     C |
                                  B  0@XX        TR          I     #EEE     C |
  >C=-                            B  0@          T    Q   &&&I    H#        C |
                             #  BBBA 0@       VTTT    Q    K&     H           |
                         #####DDD  A00   WVVVVV       Q    K&   HHH           |
                                DAAAYYY  W            QOOO K                  |
                             F  D     YWWW          $QQ  O K               :: |
                           FFFDDD     Y         $$$$$    OKK                : |
                             F                                              : |
                                                                            : |
                                                                            : |
<<<<><<>><<<>>><<<<>>>><<<<<>>>>><<<<<<>>>>>><<<<<>>>>><<<<>>>><<<>>><<>><>>> |
      Score: 0                 P*L*U*G  H*O*L*E             Level: 1          |

This is the home of Plughole - an implementation of Block Hole for 80x24 serial terminals, written by Marke ``The Chief Slime Monster'' Fincher <> at Warwick University in the late eighties. You can run it under an xterm rather than a real terminal, but you can get some of the effect with

xterm -fg green -bg black -geom 80x24

Here's what I've got:

If you like Plughole, there's every chance you'll also like Marke's other efforts, Chicken Vomit and Fishmonger.

Feedback to <> is welcome!