MUNDI - Info: technical_bits/syntax

5th June 2001

Partial Syntax List -- Mon Jun 12 02:52:31 BST 1989

There are now an (almost) infinite number of commands:
To say something, start a line with any quote (", ' or `)
A line consisting entirely of a quote says the last line.

        pit                     - Move towards the treasure pit.
        north, se, down, etc.   - Frogging obvious.
        look                    - Redescribe current location.
        help                    - Print this list of commands.
        news                    - Print the update on MUNDI's state.
        plan                    - Print the list of forthcoming features.
        credits                 - Print the credit list - who's done what?
        acronyms                - At last!  Find out why it's called MUNDI!
	display			- Explain the display-option commands.
	interact		- Explain the player-interaction command.
        who                     - List who is on MUNDI.
        quit                    - Leave MUNDI.
        crash                   - Kill the daemon (a bit restricted!)
        score                   - Print score and moves so far.
        inventory               - Print a list of objects carried.
        get <object list>       - Pick something(s) up.
        drop <object list>      - Put something(s) down.
        open <container list>   - Well it's kinda obvious really.
        close <container list>  - Do I *really* have to explain?
        shout <message>         - Send a message to everyone.
        exorcise <player>       - Throw someone off (slightly restricted!)

Verbose, brief, objects, noobjects, exits, noexits, allexits and uniqueexits
set the flags for the numerous display options.  Hoopy, are they not?
If you want more details on these, type "format".

Abbreviations match the first applicable command on this list.
There are (a few) more commands, but you must find them yourself!
Send bugs, suggestions, fan mail etc. to
Please bear in mind while doing so that this is still pretty embryonic,
and a lot of stuff from, for instance, mist, has yet to be implemented.
Be fair, I have only been writing it for three weeks!
	 This is now so utterly untrue that I am leaving it in for
	 historic reasons.  I value my heritage - Mirk.

Feedback to <> is welcome!