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5th June 2001

MUNDI(1)                 USER COMMANDS                   MUNDI(1)

     MUNDI - Mike's Ultimate Networked Dungeon Implementation.

     daemon [ -d ]

     mundi is an adventure game, influenced by MUD, Dungeon  aka.
     Zork,  Scott  Adams and many other sources, including Hack &
     Slay.  mundi is a multi-player  game,  and  is  still  under
     development, so very experimental.

     However, mundi will be  an  uncommonly  sophisticated  game,
     including  such  features  as  a very powerful input parser,
     ongoing character  attributes,  many  display  options,  and
     other  things  that  I haven't thought of yet.  Make no mis-
     take, this is going to be a good one.

     -d   The -d flag asks the daemon for mundi to  spontaneously
          die  when  the last client logs out - that is, when the
          number of users drops to 0.  Note that this  flag  must
          be given to the daemon, not to the mundi front-end.

          Since the daemon will normally be  auto-booted  by  the
          mundi  front-end,  the average user is unlikely ever to
          want to use this option.  Furthermore, if the daemon is
          booted  like  this,  it  will mean that the game can be
          reset merely by everyone logging out at  once  -  which
          would  be most disadvantageous from the fair-play point
          of view.

          In fact, I was going to say that this flag is  only  in
          for  debugging  purposes, but when it comes down to it,
          it doesn't even help me  do  that,  if  I'm  completely
          frank  I  have  no idea why the thing is maintained, or
          even why I did it like that in the first place.

     Location text, object data etc. are loaded from files  whose
     exact location is a secret, to prevent cheating, or at least
     to discourage it.  These files cannot, in the normal  course
     of  events,  be  read  by  any  user  other  than  the mundi
     superuser (currently the  author),  and  thus  can  only  be
     accessed via the game.

     Mike Taylor, aka. Unkle Mirk.
     You can mail me on
     Let me know of any bugs etc. you find.

Sun Release 4.0  Last change: 17th October 1988                 1

MUNDI(1)                 USER COMMANDS                   MUNDI(1)

     adv(1), dungeon(6), kaos(HAH!), zot(DOUBLE-HAH!)

Sun Release 4.0  Last change: 17th October 1988                 2

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