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5th June 2001

Recent Changes -- Sun Dec 17 18:06:30 GMT 1989

Since I got MUNDI back after the exams, I have bolted onto the
front-end all the metacommands and heirachical help that you are
probably vaguely famailier with by now -- that's the most recent
change, and a big (and confusing) one.  Let me know what you think.

Equally earth-shattering is the fact that I have finally managed to
get a persona-file working, though it is anything but bugless right
now.  It should mean that you can start trying to build characters
within, um, say about a week or so (some chance!)

As of now, saturday morning after the end of the last term of the
89/90 academic year, I, Unki Mruk, creater of MUNDI, am no longer in
official existance as such, and so the game has been handed over to
Max/Harv, at csuwn@cu.  He will be responsible for adding all the new
stuff (combat, debugging, magic, etc.)

My farewell message to the MUNDI world is this: "See ya".


Well as Unki Mruk wanted I have implement combat, together with some
of the morre important side effects; "steal", "give", "eat", "fire".

Ill be getting round to doing magic - never probably... since Im too
busy most of the time thinking about doing my third year project.

Feedback to <> is welcome!