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5th June 2001

"MUNDI" CREDITS - Sun Dec 17 18:03:01 GMT 1989

"MUNDI" was designed and written by me, Mike Taylor, starting in
November 1987, with a vast layoff for no obvious reason, and rewriting
more or less from scratch starting just before my exams this year, in
a blaze of common sense.  I forget the exact date, but if you ever get
to boot the daemon, it will tell you then.  After more sudry layoffs,
I re-continued it shortly before my finals, which i have just
finished!  Haaargh!

It was inspired by a number of existing programs, among them "MUD" by
Roy Trubshaw and Richard Bartle, the original "Adventure" by Crowther
and Woods, and "Zork" by Dave Liebling.  A mention also goes to Scott
Adams' "Adventureland", the first adventure I ever played, and in some
ways, still the best after all these years.

I would like to thank the following people:

(1)  Rob McMahon for helping me with innumerable problems, and doing
        other witty stuff like installing mundi in /usr/games.

(2)  Steven Shipway (aka. siSSy), whose "Hack & Slay" was the trigger
        that pushed me into acutally writing a game after months of
        procrastination, who designed about 25 of the first 40
	locations, and who has provided loadsa criticism, some
	constructive, some ...  not so constructive.

(3)  Mike Lessacher (aka. Corruption/Sunstorm), who consistently
	described MUNDI as "hoopy" even at the times when other people
	consisted entirely of flaming it.  Also for inspiring me to
	get on with it by writing the odd-but-cunning "gec-0".

(4)  Sally Wilson for innumerable minor flames concerning spelling,
	um, more spelling, and, well, I'm sure there were other things

(5)  Harvey Thompson (aka. Max) for taking over Mundi, and to a frogging
	good job to I might add. I mean its all getting there, and still
	in the spirit of what I intended... I couldn't have chosen
	a better bloke to do it (SupperRib could have been better if he
	had enough time, and actually wanted to touch the thang.).

(6) ... ?

        Your name could go here!  Mail csuwn@cu with any suggestions,
	bugs (and suggested fixes even?), or whatever, and you could
	receive instant fame and fortune!

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