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5th June 2001

"MUNDI" ACRONYMS - 17/06/1988 (taken straight from "games" gossip file)
[This was written eons ago, when MUNDI was just a twinkle in my eye,
 and I hadn't though of a name for it - Mirk]

Now a suggestion - why doesn't Mike call his multi user adventure ...
"MUNDI" - the latin for "world", for all you thickos!  :-)

                which stands for ...

        Multi User Noble Dungeon Idea
   or   Multi User Neutralised Dungeon Invironment   (almost my favourite)
   or   Multi Users Need Dozens of #Includes         (a 'C' joke there)
   or   Maybe U Need Dropping Into ^&*^$%            (ran out of initials)
   or   Mike's Unusual New Dungeon Idea              (I like this one)
   or   Multi User Neophite Dungeon Idea             (not applicable later on)

        Why not us supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?
        I'm sure the acronym is too obvious for me to mention

        Good plan.  I think I will use the acronym ...
        Mike's Ultimate Networked Dungeon Implementation.
        What do you think? - Mike.

        Mike's Unorthodox Nasty Dungeon I
           (or Unplayable?)

        I suppose ...   Mike's
                        Idea ... fits the facts? - Mike.

        Mirk's Unbearably Nice Dungeon Invention ~ Corruption.
                          ^^^^ I assume no swearing or hurting the nice
                               monsters will be allowed (it's
                               unchristian, you know) ~ Corruption.
        What is the identity of this less than humourous being ? - maestro
        Why not call it...
                MUCUS   <------- YES! It's GOT to be this one!
                or any other MU word

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