MUNDI - Info: metacommands/using_without_understanding

5th June 2001

How to Use MUNDI Metacommands Without Having to Understanding Them
	(Started: Tue Jun 13 23:37:21 BST 1989)

If you just want the benefits of simple metacommands then you should
type "init_aliases" immediately at the start of each game.  This will
then allow you to use the following metacommands:

	alias {word} {command}

This will cause {word} to become an alias for {command}, so that by
typing {word}, the effect is the same as that of typing {command}.
For instance, if you repeatedly need to type "kill Sunny with the
chainsaw", then you might wish to give the command "alias ksc kill
Sunny with the chainsaw", and thereafter, every time you meet Sunny,
you can simply type "ksc" to get the desired effect.

	show {word}

This will show what {word} stands for -- if it has been aliased, then
in will print the command to which it was been aliased, othrwise, it
will simply print the word itself, (since it will therefore stand for


This will print a list of all the aliases that you have defined.  If
you wish to remove an alias from this list, you can use direct
metacommand, which is "<word", where the "<" sign is to be literally
typed, and there are no spaces between the "<" and the word.  Don't
worry about the reasons for this, you wouldn't be reading this file if
you were interested in that sort of stuff.


This will repeat your previous command.


If you type an exclamation mark followed immediately by a number, then
you will repeat the command that you typed to the prompt that had that
number at the end, eg. if earlier you typed "eat the cheese" to the
prompt "[GAME]<35>", then typing "!35" will repeat the command "eat
the cheese".  However, the game remembers only your last 20 commands.

Well, that should be enough for you to be getting on with.  If you
want to use the metacommands in more detail, you will really need to
have a greater degree of understanding.  But the aliases and primitive
history should give you enough to be getting on with.

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