MUNDI - Info: metacommands/introduction

5th June 2001

Introduction to MUNDI Meta-commands -- Tue Jun 13 22:58:02 BST 1989

The MUNDI meta-command set is frankly, frightening.  It scares the
chickens out of me, and I wrote it.  It is complicated, terse,
dangerous, and generally UNIX-like :-) seriously, it can be confusing,
it depends how deeply you want to understand it.  In general,
metacommands can be ignored altogether.  If you don't want the hassle
of learning how to do all this tricky stuff, then you are at liberty
to forget it, and it shouldn't interfere with your game.  However, if
you choose this way, don't be surprised when you keep getting
murdered by people who have aliased "attack <your name> violently with
a cheesing great napalm-throwing weapon" to "x", and who thus type
faster than you do.

Anyway, if you want to use just the basic metacommands, and don't want
to know about the gory details, then you should read the file
"using_without_understanding" in this folder.

For the rest of you, read "understanding_metacommands".

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