MUNDI - Info: hhelp/using_the_system

5th June 2001

MUNDI Heirachical Help System (Tue May 23 13:59:54 BST 1989)

Info-mode is entered by typing "info".  The computer will give you a
list of the topics upon which help is available, and you can either
select one of these, or type a command.  If you select the name of one
of the help topics listed, you will either be shown the help on that
topic, or, if there are subtopics, you will be shown the list of
these, and will again be able to choose.  Subtopics can have
sub-sub-topics, and so on indefinitely, (hence *heirachical* help)
At any stage in this process, you are located in a particular
help-directory, or folder, and this determined what help-text is
available to you.

There are currently six commands:

	break	- Return to the parent-folder of the current one.
	list	- List the contents of the current folder.
	where	- Print the path-name of the current folder in the
			current help heirachy.
	suspend	- Leave help mode in such a way as to preserve the
			current folder when help-mode is next entered.
	quit	- Leave help mode.
	debug	- Print debugging information, currently the list of
			filenames that are stored for completion.

MUNDI uses a heirachical help system (hhelp, written by Mike Taylor)
which will be made available in the public domain use shortly.
Contact by email, for source code.

Feedback to <> is welcome!