MUNDI - Info: game/wiz_commands

5th June 2001

			Wizard Commands

Some commands behave differently in wizard mode, the major changes are
listed here, most others mean that commands work on items or players
who are not currently visible.

NB. limbo is a safe location from all nasty wizard actions!

shout			Says that you are shouting.

exorcise <person>	Force a non-wizard to leave the game.

summon <person>		Summon a player.

teleport <person> | <place>
			Teleport to meet someone, or into a location.

force <person> <command>
			Force a non-wizard to do some silly action.

wizact <string>		Do some strange action.

sugerget <item>		Get item, unless its carried by someone...
sg <item>		If carried by someone - steal should be better,
			since it works for anyone on the game.

stat <thing-list>	Stats on object, room, persona/player. A thing
			is either the name of a persona/player/object/room,
			or an index number of the form;
			[rliop][0-9]*    r/l = room, i/o = object
					 p = persona record number.

			Eg. r10 is room number 10
			    p23 is persona record number 23

snoop [<person>]	Watch what someone is doing, or tell me who
			I am snooping

unsnoop 		Unsnoop who ever I was snooping.
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