MUNDI - Info: game/mortal_commands

5th June 2001


n,e,s,w,ne,		Obvious really

pit			Moves you in the correct direction to the pit. Some
			locations will not let you do this....
look			Describe the current location, and list the objects and
			players who are currently in the room.

who			List the names and titles of all players in the game.

quit			Quit the current game, your character is saved.

crash			This is only available when all the treasure is
			pitted, remeber - when you crash the game no-ones
			characters are saved ;-}.

score			Tells you your score.

inventory		List what items your carrying.

get <itemlist>		Takes item(s) from a room, or inside an open
take <itemlist>		container. *

drop <itemlist> 	Drops item(s) into a room. *
leave <itemlist>

open <itemlist> 	Opens container(s) in room, or which is/are held.

close <itemlist>	Close container(s) in room, or which is/are

put|place <item> ["in" | "into" | "on" | "onto" ] <container-item>
			Put object into container/onto surface 
			so long as there is room. Surfaces always have room.

lock <item> ["with"] <item>
			Lock an object with its key.

unlock <item> ["with"] <item>
			Unlock an object with its key.

shout <message>		Shouts message to everyone on the game.

where <item> | <person> | "t"

			Casts the where spell, and tells you the
			location of <item>, <person>, or all the
			treasure respectively. Note that it has a chance
			of failing for each item/person!

wizmode			Go into wizard mode, of course you have to be
			a wizard to do this.

archmode		Arch-wizards are the games programmers.... so
			your probably not one of these.

metamode		Well there can be only some of these.... ;-}

stat			Show your statistics... (not just vital ones

fire|shoot <person> ["with"] <item>
			Shoot at person, although its a good idea
			to be carrying a gun to do this one.

kill <person> [<item>]
			Attack person in order to kill, with your
			fists, unless you specify an item.
quaff <item>		Drink a potion/drink - this will restore
drink <item>		any lost hitpoints.

levels			List the points needed for each level.

steal <item> ["from"] <person>
			Try to steal the item from that person.

give <item> ["to"] <person>
			Give that person the item.

throw <item> <direction>
			Throw the item in the given direction, usefull
			for throwing grenades/tnd at people, or
			treasure into the pit.

examine <person/item-list>
			Examine a list of people or items that are

sayto <person> <message>
<person> <message>	Private message to someone in the room, to
			speak to everyone just use " or ' before the
purity			List purity levels.

fatness			List fatness levels.

commands		List available commands.

eat <item>		Eat an item - jolly usefull as youll die from
			starvation... be carefull though - some things
			may fill you up a bit too much ;-}.

disable | enable	List which commands are disabled.
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