MUNDI - Info: game/interaction_commands

5th June 2001


MUNDI allows you to interact with other people using any of the following
commands (which only affect people in the same location, of course):

        kiss <player>	- Kiss another user.
	hug <player>	- For added expression of love - if you	are too shy
			  to do it in real life, you can resort to MUNDIhug!
	cuddle <player>	- Much the same really.
	stroke <player>	- Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.
	punch <player>	- For when you feel less affectionate.
	kick <player>	- For added variety.
	hit <player>	- For when you can't be bothered to type "punch"
	slap, tickle, phlegm, poke or forgive <player>
			- Oh frog all this description-typing.

	jump		- Due to popular demand (Gemma wanted it)
	vomit		- Due to popular demand (Sunny wanted it)
	grin		- For the casually evil player of today ...
	smile		- For the generally hoopy player of today ...
	smirk		- For the unbearably smug player of today ...
	laugh, giggle, sulk, blush, dance, sing, cry, pray, snigger, apologise
			- You know what all these do really, don't you?
	enid		- Haaargh!  You weren't expecting that, were you?!
	john		- For sexual equality with "enid".

The hoopy thing about these is that with any of the commands, you can specify
the manner in which you wish to do them.  So instead of just typing the usual
"kiss mirk" (always very popular), you can "kiss mirk gratefully" or whatever
else you happen to like.  Some people ask what's the point in having hug *and*
cuddle?  I say, frog off.  It's much hoopier this way.  The same goes for
smile/grin, laugh/giggle and so on.  Any you can blame Sunny for the "enid"

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