MUNDI - Info: game/display_commands

5th June 2001

"MUNDI" DISPLAY OPTIONS - 19/06/1988  <---------+
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					My sister's birthday!

Well my people, the display option command come in pairs:

(1)  Verbose/brief - display either the long or the short location
	descriptions respectively.  Eventually, "superbrief" will
	take on the functionality of "brief", and "brief" will be
	such that the full description is listed only when the location
	is first entered.  This will then become the default.

(2)  Objects/noobjects - Either do or do not display the list of objects
	in the current location.  It has been (accurately) pointed out
	that you need to be entirely made of wood to want "noobjects",
	but you never know, we might get someone coming in on a 300 baud
	line, who *really* wants to cut down the amount of text he is
	being fed.

(3)  Exits/noexits - Again, it's pretty obvious.  These items tell MUNDI
	either to display or not to display the list of obvious exits from
	your current location.  "Noexits" looks more like mist, but is
	utterly hoopless.  "Exits" tells you all you need to know, and
	unlike mist "exits", doesn't lie to you?

(4)  Allexits/uniqueexits - Cunning one, this.  If "allexits" is set, then
	literally every exit from the current location is listed (if any
	of them are - if "noexits" is also set, you still get frog all).
	If you set "uniqueexits", then only one of a set of exits leading
	to the same destination is listed.  This means you don't get
	misleading location descriptions with loads of spurious exits.
	(This isn't to say I can't fix it like that if I want!  Hehehe)

(5)  Numbers/nonumbers - IFF you are a wiz, then "numbers" will allow you
	to see the number and Wizname of the current location along with
	the description and suchlike.  If you are a mere mortal, you are
	denied this privilege, because, let's face it, you don't really
	need to know them, do you?

<6> <ignore|notice> shout | global | all

	Whether you want to listen to global messages (informative), or
	shouted messages (from other players). Kinda usefull if you
	want to chat and not be disturbed too much.

The default settings when you come in are:
verbose; objects; exits; uniqueexits; nonumbers

Notice that these options are saved along with your character - hoopy
Feedback to <> is welcome!