MUNDI - Info: game/command_summary

5th June 2001

			Command Summary Layout

A list of commands is available in the game by typing "commands",
the list contains several types of commands;

	Mortal Commands
	Wizard Commands
	Arch-Wizard Commands
	Display Commands
	Interaction Commands

These are explained further in the relevant files.

All players are mortal (even wizards, and above!), and therefore everyone
has access to the following commands. Some of these commands power will vary
orcording to level, and may have different rules for wizards or arch-wizards.

Most commands can be abbreviated to a shortened version, a match will
be made with the first command that is similiar in the following

	Mortal Commands
	Arch/Wiz Commands
	Interactive Commands


To save time, most commands have specific types of arguments, each
seperated by atleast one space;

<item>		The name of one item.
<item-list>	One or more items, each made of one or more words.
		Each item is seperated by " and " or " , ".
<person>	As <item>, but for a player/persona.
<person-list>	As <item-list>, but for a player/persona.

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