MUNDI - Info: game/arch_commands

5th June 2001

			Arch Wizard Commands

Limbo is not generally safe for some of these commands, but since there
are only two arch-wizards - you can breath easy....

Im only listing what they do - just so you can drool....

crash			Crash game immeadiately - without warning,
			and do not save any players.

exorcise <person>	Excorcise non-arch *wherever* he/she/it is.	

summon <person>		Summon non-arch *wherever* he/she/it is.

superex <person>	Logout <person> from the system!! Nasty huh!

force <person> <command>
			Force <person> to do <command>, wherever
			and whatever he/she/it is.

save <person>		Save someone.

delete <person>		Delete someone permanantly, although 
			careful use of "frog record <no> <person>"
			could recover the persona.

sync			Sync persona structure to disk.

plist ["passwd"] <match>
			List matching players name, wiz flags, and
			record number, (and password if selected).

frog <player> <attr> <value>
			Change my (<player>'s) <attr> statistic,
			to <value>. This can be done to a player, or 
			a character on disk.

tea <item> <attr> [<value>]
			Change an attribute on an item, pretty neat
			but very low level... could result in a serious
			mundi crash if misused! Notice that this is only
			temporary (duration of game).

decorate <room> <attr> <value>
			Change an attribute of a room, suffers the same
			results as nasty tea commands.

mkobj			Makes a temporary object, which starts off in
			the archwizards inventory, but can be detailed
			with use of the tea command.
			Note: An object must be saved, if changed or
			created and the save file incorporated into the
			load file.

mkroom			Makes a temporary room, which can be linked in
			to the game and decorated with the decorate command.
			Note: A room must be saved, if changed or created,
			and the save file incorporated into the load file.

saveobj <item>		Saves (appends) an object definition to disk.

saveroom <item>		Saves (appends) a room definition to disk.

archact <string>	Sends string to all in current room.

delay <time> <command>  Delay <command>'s execution for <time> seconds.

events			List event timings.

enable <command>	Enable a command.

disable <command>	Disable a command.

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