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4th June 1998

Instead of you bore you with a quantity detail over me that you would not like to know, let you us to the meat even go. Somewhat merry material, which I wrote before age and which I believed, is here assumed a broader public: -- earn), as Dave wrote Slusher once, ", whether I do not earn it or, I are a large fan of my work! ",
  1. Somewhat ill telling joke (over inability)
  2. This tree does not have nodal points. No nodal points, how it analyzes? Recursively!
  3. New characteristic Troff macro Paketbeendigung BASH's
  4. Ice axes
  5. The sketch of the ``Two programmers '

And here some old messages articles, written of Mike Lessacher, are and pulled of the Obscurity of me for the larger good of the community. I think that some from notes of this material on genius.

  1. Food processors
  2. Target pigeons
  3. Entering and analysis
  4. Three in the HandIST approximately 14 on the black market worth

Is here a pair of my short stories. I welcome constructional criticism of these -- comment over Plotschwaechen, out of character dialog, bad grammar, mis spelings spelings (har har!), typos, general clunkiness or still something, which you do not like approximately it, can be emailed to me at the address under.

  1. Midnight celebration
  2. Absolute average

Is here a Nichterfindungstueck. Again feedback is welcome.

  1. A play of the losers?
And finally, are here some left to my favourite workstations on the Web:
  1. Handle Barry of Godzilla
  2. General page message team talc
  3. The football density of the guard
  4. Message article over Liverpool FC.
  5. Excellent section service automatic translation AltaVistas. This could not sound like a bundle laughter, but you can have a quantity fun to receive her your material from English too German said we to translate and then back again. If you do not think that this sounds very merry, here a copy is this Home Page , which by the doubling translation process (sad, which on the left of not work) is, and is is here a copy of the Braillewitzes, which is by the thousandth. Perhaps what could more fun be?

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