A Documentary about Stingray, by Danny

10th December 2003


Stingray is 19m and 20cm long.

It's 10m tall.

It's 6m wide and it can turn into an underwater children-sized village.

It has a secret underwater sea-shed where it is kept.

And it can shoot a powerful, dangerous tornado.


And Virgil is the driver of it. And its top speed is about 120 mph.

And it is half a transformer.

If anyone tries to attack it, the tornado can make something as big as Stingray explode if he tries to make it as powerful as possible.

Virgil's bed looks a bit like a rock and his house looks a bit like a giant Santa Claus' face and also a bit like Mrs. Claus' face. Virgil, the driver, is 2m tall.

Stingray's top speed is 210+10 mph.

You can see the original if you like.

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