Oakleigh Farm House

14th October 2005

We moved out of London to our ``dream house'' on the 1st of September 2005.

Oakleigh Farm House
Crooked End
Gloucestershire GL17 9XF

To get to us from the south/east (for example, if driving from London), the easiest way is to get onto the A4136 heading southwest, then turn right onto Morse Road which takes you straight to Ruardean. [Google Map] Our house is on the right as you approach from this direction, almost immediately after the 30-mile-per-hour speed-limit sign that marks the boundary of the village. A more detailed map of the final part of the journey is available.

Here are some photos of the house, garden and surrounding area:

Image 00-aerial
[big] [huge]
Composite aerial photo of Ruardean and the surrounding area. Oakleigh Farm House is outlined in red.


Image 01-map
[big] [huge]
Sketch map of the house, garden, field and surrounding area, showing in more detail the area outlined in red in the aerial photo.


Image 10-front
[big] [huge]
Outside the house, looking at it from across the road.


Image 11-carpark
[big] [huge]
The large parking area to the left of the house. The stone wall visible on the right edge of the picture is supposed to continue on the left, with wooden gates set into it, but is not yet finished.


Image 12-back
[big] [huge]
View of the house from the corner of the track that leads along the edge of the field, near the far end of the garden.


Image 20-entrance
[big] [huge]
Entrace hall, seen from the front door.


Image 21-dining
[big] [huge]
Dining room, seen looking back from the kitchen towards the front of the house.


Image 30-field
[big] [huge]
View out across the field from the second floor at the back of the house. The fence running across the field marks the edge of our area. The bungalow next door is visible to the left. The ``lower garden'', beyond the vegetable patch and the trampoline, needs to be worked over and turfed.


Image 31-garden
[big] [huge]
View out over the back garden. The trampoline is in the ``upper garden'', with the lower garden beyond, and the triangle that connects it to the field. The pond and summer-house belong to our neighbours.


Image 32-farm
[big] [huge]
View out across the farm behind and to the right of the garden. The last two photos together with this one make up a panorama of the view from the back of the house.


Image 33-view
[big] [huge]
View from the front of the house.


New View
Image oakleigh-back-garden
[big] [huge]
New composite panorama of the back garden, taken in 2007 and stitched together by Jarrod Davis. (He won an Emmy for his computer image-hacking work, you know.)


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