Danny's First School Report

9th November 2000


     Park Road Family Centre
145 Park Road, Crouch End, London N8 8JN. 081 348 3432
Daniel Taylor

(age 2 years and 6 months)

Danny is a very quiet but popular member of the group. He is very good at sharing and taking turns and is very gentle but able to stand up for his rights. Danny is very polite to both adults and children and co-operates well with others.

Desirable outcomes for children's learning

Danny is very good at counting and can count his fingers! He can identify patterns and, with help, can reproduce them.
Language and literature:
Danny communicates clearly his wishes and ideas (i.e. `Danny sit down now'). He is beginning to use `I' although prefers his name for the moment! He enjoys books and `reads' along with the adult. He has a good concentration span. He enjoys rhymes and songs immensely.
Personal and social development:
Danny is increasingly confident and plays well with most of the other children. He is quick to spot others in distress and tries to remedy the situation, such as finding toys for children to use, or cuddles.
Physical development:
Large motor skills:
Danny is increasingly co-ordinated and very aware of `his space'. He is quite strong and has good balance.
Fine motor skills:
Danny has excellent manipulative skills and hand-eye co-ordination. He is able to manipulate art tools (pens, crayons, etc) increasingly well.
Knowledge and understanding of the world:
Danny is very curious about `his' world, but always waits for a suitable moment to ask his question(s)! He is absorbing a lot of information through other children and enjoys telling people what he has discovered.
Creative development:
Danny is hesitant about art activities but soon becomes absorbed by his creations. He is able to relate things he's drawn/painted to people/objects and tell stories about his pictures. He recently enjoyed using lots of glue for sticking!

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