Cranium of the pig, Sus domestica

18th March 2009

I prepared a pig's head to yield a clean skull, as described with photos on the Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week blog.

Creative Commons BY-NC License The images you see below are small 480x426 previews; they link through to full-size 5286x4694, which are my gift to the world under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial licence. This means that you are welcome to make whatever non-commercial use you like with these images, so long as you attribute me. Specifically, you are free to use these images in scientific publications, modified or not, so long as you mention where you got them in the acknowledgements. Also, if you want to print them out and hang them on your wall just because they're so darned beautiful, feel free -- I just don't want Athena making a fortune selling pig-skull posters based on them without giving me a cut.


Pig skull multiview, white background


Pig skull multiview, grey background


Pig skull multiview, black background


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