Aetogate: press and blog coverage

Tue Jul 15 11:08:22 BST 2008


We're keeping track of all the coverage we see of the New Mexico story. The following are listed most recent first (so newest articles at the top). Since there is a lot to wade through here, we have marked some of the ones we think are most interesting with three red asterisks ***.

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Tuesday 15 July

Up to this point, I have tried to keep my own opinions about Aetogate under wraps, the better to serve as an objective collator of other people's coverage. But I have, finally, gone public with my own thoughts -- on a different site, so that this one remains as objective as possible.

Friday 10 July

I think everyone now accepts that Aetogate is dying, if not dead: the SVP's failure to engage with the allegations leaves no further route by which to pursue redress. Still, there remain a few things to be said:

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