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Convert your Lego MINI Star Destroyer into a MINI Super Star Destroyer!

MINI SSD over planet
Lego kit 4492 (Star Destroyer)  

This model is made from the pieces that come in offical lego kit 4492 (MINI Star Destroyer, at left), rearranged to resemble Darth Vader's flag-ship, the Executor, colloquially known as a Super Star Destroyer.

The 4492 kit builds into a model 16 studs long (about 13.5cm or 5.5in); the SSD is more than half as long again at 25 studs (21cm or 8.5in). It is also two studs wider (12 vs. 10). This is because the SSD design is proportionally much shallower, and somewhat narrower, than that of the Star Destroyer, reflecting the distinctive profiles of the ships as they appear in the Star Wars films.

Assuming that a real SSD is 17.6km long, my model is in 83800:1 scale. But SSD size is controversial: see for much, more more information than you wanted on this subject.


Top view Front view Back view

Top view. The darker grey pieces, symmetrical about the midline and mostly concentrated towards the rear of the ship, represent the ``cortex'' or ``city'' of the Super Star Destroyer. The lone dark-grey piece three studs back from the nose is structurally necessary to hold the two ``wing'' pieces together. The bridge is picked out in light grey.

Front view. From this angle, the model's most serious - and unavoidable - inaccuracy is apparent: the wings should sweep back in a straight line from the nose to the widest part. In the model, however, a limited selection of pieces means that a ``kink'' has to be introduced half way back.

Back view. Note that the rear part of the ship's central body is elevated relative to the wings, to allow space for the main engines beneath. Authenticity, you know.

Side view Rear-left view View of engines from beneath

Side view. Note the left-sided steering engine, just visible hanging below the wing.

Rear-left view. This shows the construction of the rear part of the wing clearly - one of the toughest parts of the model to get right. It would be more accurate without the 45-degree plates the the bottom of the stack, but these are necessary for structural reasons, as the view from below illustrates.

View of engines from beneath. The real Super Star Destroyer has thirteen engines in all: a bank of three engines in the middle, which are modelled here; ahead of and outside these, two further pairs of engines; and ahead of and outside those, two triples of steering engines. Due to limitations of space and material, I omitted the second set of engines altogether and provided only a single steering engine on each side. In the films, Super Star Destroyer engines glow red, but mine are blue since that's what you get with the Star Destroyer kit.

Other Lego Super Star Destroyers

There's my very own much larger SSD at, which is made from Mega Bloks.

Stephen Rowley has made a very creditable attempt at an SSD at His model is 53 studs long (45cm or 18in), which makes it 33200:1 scale.

But the daddy of them all, the undisputed champion, is Lasse Deleuran's astonishing Executor, which is comprehensively modelled at It's not just that his model is 158cm long (186 studs or 63in, slightly taller than my wife): it's the truly absurd level of detail and authenticity that makes this the king of them all: not just the best Lego SSD I've seen, but perhaps the best Lego model of any kind.


Front-left view

Mike Taylor

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