FIGURE 4. Limb girdle bones of Brachiosaurus altithorax and Brachiosaurus brancai, equally scaled. A, C, right ilium of B. altithorax holotype FMNH P 25107; B, D, left coracoid of same, reflected; E, right ilium of B. brancai referred specimen Aa 13, scaled to size of restored ilium of B. brancai lectotype HMN SII as estimated by Janensch (1950b:99); F, right coracoid of B. brancai lectotype HMN SII. A modified from FMNH neg. #GEO-16152, showing poor preservation and absence of public peduncle; B modified from Riggs (1903:fig. 3); C, D modified from Riggs (1904:pl. LXXV); E modified from Janensch (1961:Beilage E, fig. 1a); F modified from Janensch (1961:fig. 1a). Scale bar equals 50 cm.